Our Work

At Sapphire Ventures we  understand the importance of scaling what works and keeping our shops excited about new promotions and marketing opportunities, emphasizing where they fit in the big picture. We also understand the our work goes “beyond the chair.” Working together with a variety of non-profits to better our neighborhoods, world and planet!

FunRaising Campaign

For the past few years we have worked at a partnership with JMPS Schools and their FunRaising Campaign. Working in Partnership with the Paul Mitchell schools has been inspiring to us. The campaign is made up of a group of charities, each with different interests and goals. It has really helped our stylists and our customers learn about these different ways to make a difference. The foundations include Magic Johnson etc.

"In the 15-year existence of the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation and our 14 years of FUNraising, the cost incurred in raising $18.2 million has been less than 4% — an amazingly low amount compared to the national average of 25%. Our expenses are little to none: we have no salaries, no rent, and no utilities. Our attorneys and board of directors all donate their time. Even the money raised through our FUNraising Gala ticket sales goes directly to the charities, thanks to generous sponsors who cover the Gala costs. In other words, we don’t spend $100 trying to raise $200!”

– Winn Claybaugh, Dean and Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools.

Learning about the Gary SInise Foundation helped us to partner with them and other community partners in the Antelope Valley to build a house for a quadriplegic Veteran who was ready to return home.

Locks of Love

For the past six years, Sapphire Ventures and Supercuts salons all over the greater Los Angeles area have partnered with K-EARTH 101, Paul Mitchell, and Girls Scouts of Los Angeles and Orange Counties to celebrate Locks of Love week. Participants who donate their hair at our salons receive a free haircut, a Paul Mitchell brush, and the satisfaction that comes from helping someone in need. The hair donated to Locks of Love is used to help provide hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss. During this year’s Locks of Love week, 25 Supercuts stylists cut hair on stage at Universal City Walk to promote the event and spotlight the generous people who chose to donate at least 10 inches of hair.

Troop Dogs

After Joey and Cheryl adopted their dog Daisy, they began spending more and more time on theJP Petwebsite. During one of their visits to the website they saw the logo for Troop Dogs and it of course caught their eye as the dog looks a lot like our dog Daisy, a Belgian Malinois, the same type of Shepard used often as working police dogs.

As we read more on the website, we saw that these dogs were sniffing out explosives, chasing down suspected bad guys and generally protecting the soldiers they are with. They are working in temperatures over 100 degrees and live with hot sand on their paws and in their eyes.

We felt good that JP Pet was helping out by supporting these dogs and the soldiers who take care of them.  As we thought more about this and read the letters from the soldiers, we saw a way we can make a difference.

We can’t stop the wars or the suffering that they cause but we can reach out to a special group of soldiers and their dogs.  Sapphire Ventures began by donating $1 from every JP Pet product and every Paul Mitchell duo sold in one of their stores to Troop Dogs.  


In addition, they contacted Troop Dogs and asked them if they would let us send boxes directly overseas.  In the end, with the generous help from the Sapphire stylists and customers, we sent more than 80 boxes to Iraq and Afghanistan.  One box for a soldier and the other box for their dog.  The boxes were packed with love by office team and letters from stylists were tucked inside.

Joey, who grew up in an Air Force family, was visibly choked up when he read a letter from a soldier who said that he had no idea of what to ask for because he had nothing and in their remote location he didn’t know when it would change.  That caused us to send two soldier boxes and one dog box so we could fit in even more snacks, DVDs and of course Tea Tree products. We sent John Paul Pet waterless shampoo, packs of JP Pet wipes, dog treats, chew toys and collapsible water bowls.

When it was announced that the first soldier who parachuted down into the compound of Osama Bin Laden jumped with his dog, we all felt an incredible connection.

Bead for Life

About 8 years ago, the Robinson Family was introduced to Bead for Life through a Christmas gift from one sister to another. Together the Robinson’s read the story of women changing the life of their family and sometimes their entire village by learning a trade and working hard.

Touched by the story, Cheryl and Joey looked for a way to share this wonderful charity and their mission beyond their immediate family.  They developed a promotion for their shops. For every 5 Paul Mitchell liter duos sold, stylists would earn a bracelet from Bead for Life.  Cheryl began with a modest order of 50 bracelets but after the first weekend, she was already needing to reorder.  Delighted by the response from the shops and stylists, the team was so happy to see how the story of women making a difference could energize the stores.  The promotion was so successful that by the fourth time ordering, SV received a phone call checking to see if someone was attempting to resell the bracelets!

Heifer International

In October, several years ago one of the SV managers sent information on Heifer and their plan to have people “pass on the gift”.  They read about how the nutritional value of just one egg a day to a young child could make a huge difference in their life, and that by giving just one goat we could help an entire village eventually get goats.  The manager’s suggestion was that instead of sending holiday cards and Secret Santa gifts to each other, Sapphire use the money to buy animals for donation.

After Joey and Cheryl did some research, they decided to create a promotion for the shops based on donating for each Paul Mitchell treatment and take home sales.  They challenged everyone in our shops and offered to match the  team’s donation with a cow purchased by them personally if everyone met their goals.  In just a few days we were overwhelmed with the plans that the shops made.  We eventually sent, as one of our vendor partners called it, a Sapphire Ark with 3 cows, 24 goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and even bees.

Veterans Outreach

Many of our stores partner regionally with neighboring salons to engage in community outreach.  These activities take many forms.  In the Antelope Valley,  stylists donated haircuts and Paul Mitchell styling products to Veterans Outreach, a group dedicated to supporting local veterans look  and feel their best.  In  Orange County, stylists have donated haircuts to homeless men and women in their community to help them feel the best about  themselves

Donating Reusable Shopping Bags

Even an act as small as donating reusable shopping bags to a frquent customer doing volunteer work with women abroad has far-reaching positive impacts. Rocking the Cut all the way in Tibet!