About Us



Sapphire Ventures, Inc. is a business management company responsible for the operation and management of over 35 Supercuts throughout Southern California and 6 salons in Minnesota. From their offices in Santa Clarita, CA, the Sapphire Ventures team oversees salon site selection, construction, personnel and operations. With a full time staff, Sapphire Ventures provides administrative support and accounting expertise, as well as management training and stylist development. The Sapphire Ventures offices are also home to the Supercuts Franchisees Association, handling the affairs of the Association and coordinating the association’s annual conference. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Joey and Cheryl Robinson, Sapphire Ventures understands and reinforces the importance of employee growth both educationally and financially through the implementation of anniversary programs, stylist bonus plans, simple IRAs, robust health benefits and school loan repayment offerings, Pay Back the Future.


Our Team


Cheryl Robinson
Secretary & Executive Vice President
Marlena Todd
General Manager & Vice President
Norma Estrada
General Manager & Vice President
Vickie Vargas
General Manager
Krista Saunders
Shop Operations
Amy Jimenez
Full Charge Bookkeeper
Jude Mayes
Office Manager

Team Sapphire