We are proud to have been part of the kickoff for our Supercuts, Paul Mitchell, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles promo with K-Earth Radio.  On Monday, after helping to get brushes and posters to all 185 shops in the greater Los Angeles area, Vanessa from West Hollywood-Ramada and Vickie from Silverlake cut the hair of the three Girl Scouts featured on the promotional poster.  The one young lady with hair almost to her ankles cut 20 inches off, leaving her hair still to the elbow!

Everyone spoke on the radio at the same time they were being filmed for the Channel 2 and Channel 9 news. Of course these two experienced and talented, veteran stylists finished their haircuts using perfect technique in just a few minutes and put in some green tinsel to match the girls uniforms.  Gary Bryan the morning DJ enjoyed providing the “play by play” for the event and gave each girl their brush and patch during a commercial break.

I was incredibly proud to speak on behalf  of the Supercuts brand and to share in the joy of truly giving back to those in special need. Be proud of making a difference in your shop.  Though this is a special promotion – remember to truly make every person who donates to Locks of Love feels special all during the year. Somewhere a child will feel better about themselves as they look in the mirror getting ready for school because of the pony tails sent from your shop.

Marlena Todd and Robin Hernandez from Westwood/West LA will be on the air on Friday to finish this special week but there are other stylists on the radio every morning from Supercuts across the market.  Celebrate!

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