We are excited to be organizing for our second year, a Los Angeles market wide promotion for Locks of Love in partnership with K-Earth Radio.  Last year our promotion grew from a little girl named JoJo Lopez who wanted to donate her hair and wanted to include others to spread the message about this wonderful cause.  Though it seemed like a SUPER idea, her school didn’t want to host such an event.  JoJo called K-Earth radio and morning DJ Gary Bryan for ideas.  Pam Baker who works for K-Earth heard about the call.  She herself has daughters and had made such a donation in our

Sherman Oaks shop after having their stylist Andrea, explained the program.  Pam called us to ask if Supercuts would like to partner with them.  We suggested that we also work with our partner, John Paul Mitchell Systems.

In just a few short weeks, we helped organize a photo shoot and to distribute materials to all the shops in the LA market which at that time was about 165 shops. We had hoped to do 500 haircuts during the week of the promotion and we were delighted that all shops worked together to do 700 haircuts.

This year, with more time and some experience we are again partnering with the wonderfully strong radio signal of K-Earth to spread the word about Locks of Love.

To make the promotion even more exciting, Pam has brought a new partner, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.  The Girl Scouts are very excited to be a part of the promotion and Pam worked with the fine folks at JPMS to design a patch for all the girls donating. In our poster for this year, you can see ladies from all 3 divisions of Girl Scouts, including a young lady with hair to her knees.

Our market has grown and we now have 185 shops and of course a bigger goal.  We are hoping to do 1,000 haircuts during the week of August 6-12!

Each of our shops will receive Paul Mitchell 413 brushes to give away and we are suggesting offering a complimentary tinsel or jewel to celebrate donations from our Girl Scout Partners as well. We are also offering to sendthe pony tails to Locks of Love for the customers. We hope our employees have a great time making a difference for kids with cancer and in the meantime showing some new customers why their next haircut should be in our shops.